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I love my mom but I don't think she's good for me


Ask the Therapist
Jun 16 2013, 03:38
  • Katelyn Contributor

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    I love my mom SO much and we have our good days but we also have our bad days. You see she's bipolar . She takes medication but it doesn't always work out the way I hope. I have come to realize I'm growing up fast. My teen years are escaping me. She already took away my childhood but the last thing I want to loose are my teen years): I have come down to a point between if I should move in with my dad or not. My dad hasn't exactly always been there for me however since my mothers and stepfathers divorce I've gotten closer with my father. Now I'm wondering if my dad is better for me emotionally because my mom is always putting me down and using me for her benefits. What should I do?