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Very angry at somebody i want to kill them.


Ask the Therapist
Mar 7 2013, 01:05
  • Millsy Newbie

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    Angry. Last night i was drinking with my sister, and she got pretty emotional about My mums ex boyfriend. She told me that he drugged her up on valiums, And raped her. Then she told me that he molested my little sister. After she told me that i lost my mind, I just started punching everything until i was covered in blood. I was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Then i started crying and i just wanted to go to hospital. My sister called the ambulance, The ambulance and the police turned up, I told the police that im going too kill this man. All i want is justice, And i know he is capable of doing this. this happened 6-7 years ago. He has also abused my mum i knew about that tho. He would not allow her out of his house, and he used to psychically attack her. What should i do about this problem??
  • LizabethV Newbie

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    Mar 15 2013, 03:09
    All you can do is notify the police. Please do not go after him yourself, or try to confront him; if he is violent, you might end up hurt as well.

    If the police gather enough evidence against this man, then he can be arrested for rape depending on your state's statute of limitations (that is, the number of years that have to pass before a crime cannot be prosecuted anymore). Since that's usually around 20 years, though, you have a good chance of getting him collared.

    As for the physical abuse against your mother, you cannot have him arrested for that unless your mother presses charges (again, depending on the state, I think). But the rape allegations should be reported ASAP, IF your sisters both agree that this happened. I'm not saying that your sister made up the story while drunk, but you need to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that this happened before you report it to the police. You also need to make sure that both your sisters want to testify against him. If he commited this crime, he should face justice.