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I'm an angry verbal abuser


Ask the Therapist
Aug 22 2012, 22:59
  • jcat Newbie

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    I can't control my verbal and physical assults. When I'm in this 'anger place' I black out and am told my eyes go cold and I turn into some crazy stranger. I lost my virginity at 14 to a rapist, was sexually, physically, and mentally abused until I was 26. Most people I tell my past to say, "Amazing how you turned out normal" or "smart", "successfull", "high achiever". Little do they know, I never passed the seventh grade. I'm a workaholic--which helps me cope I think. I've also been diagnosed as a "high functioning borderline". Is there anyting I can do to stop this? Is it true that borderlines are a therapists worst nightmare?
  • Ashli Contributor

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    Feb 12 2016, 13:58
    Same here about the anger! I don't have any answers either.