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Horrible mom


Ask the Therapist
May 31 2012, 09:06
  • Sick Newbie

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    My mom lacked any kind of consistency. She would build me up to unhealthy levels convincing me I was the most important being in creation one moment then tear me down until I felt like slime the next. She would beat me and scream and lock me in a bathroom or closet then cry and apologise and guilt trip me. She would vent to me about her job and loneliness then call me a pussy when I lost my first fight after school. She let me drink and watch porn when I was six. She let me smoke weed when I was thirteen. She forced me to eat my own vomit when I threw up rice she had cooked in pickle juice because that was all we had. And all of that was before I was thirteen, after that we lost our place to live again an started roving the United States in various vehicles sometimes rv' s sometimes vans really the only time we weren't homeless was from the ages of eeight to eleven in an apartment. She was a single mom until eleven then she met a guy and married. He was a great guy bipolar schitzophrenic also abusive .... she is still with him. But after thirteen I was as tall as her so she would grab frying pans and stuff I eventually got pissed and abused her back verbally and psychologically. One of the times in the highlight reel if you will she smacked me with a skillet so I took it from her and told her that if she wanted to hurt me she should do it like this and I started hitting myself in the head with it screaming incoherently when I was done my face was bloody and the skillet was ruined. She sat down and started crying so I threw the skillet and stormed out. The sad thing is that I enjoyed doing that to her It felt like I was giving her back some of the fear she had given me as a child.
  • Tamster Insightful User

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    Jun 1 2012, 01:49
    You had a lot to say that's good. The more you put it out there the better it gets. The pain will fly away. I can identify with much you went through my mother to was abusive, locked me up, tied me up, all that jazz. I had someone in my life who made me eat my own vomit too, isn't that the sickest! Anybody that makes someone do that should be punished with the same thing.
    Remember you are never alone here, you will find a lot of people who want to listen and help.
    You rock, keep coming back, Sami
  • IheartTea Contributor

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    Jun 4 2012, 19:00
    Just horrible! I'm sorry that your mom has been so cruel to you. My mom was mean to me too.
  • Charlene19 Contributor

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    Jun 19 2012, 12:32
    I am so sorry to hear that. You're mom sounds like a horrible person (no offense) I hope you still aren't living with her. That's messed up and I am truly sorry that that happened to you. If it still bothers you for what she did maybe write her a letter telling her and just drop contact with her. Surround yourself with people who care about you and that will allow you to vent when needed. You could always start a journal as well, it helps me when people treat me unfairly.
  • Michael Newbie

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    Mar 4 2013, 04:17

    I can't imagine all of the things you went through, that last bit was especially gruesome. At least you found a way to find some control in the situation. It's brave of you to share something that feels this personal. I myself was manipulated by my mother mostly psychologically, she hit me at times, and then there was all of the repressed sexual stuff. I have now come to realize that she was probably completely unconcious of her behavior when she did all of that stuff. Knowing that has helped me. Thanks for sharing dude you're going in the right direction.