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I have problems with college...

Work Stress

Jan 6 2014, 19:38
  • I am a 23 year old Romanian student. I study architecture, and as some of you may know, it is a pretty difficult field. When I was in highschool I also studied architecture. i loved drawing and painting and creating and it went good in highschool, teachers appreciated me, I went to National olympics twice and once i received a prize. Now, the level of difficulty in highschool wasn't high and I did well even if I used to do things in the last moment. Because of the highschool experience, in college I did better than most of my colleagues (who studied math or computers or other stuff in highschool), in the first year. The teachers appreciated my work, i got good grades and I worked. (although I kept my bad habit of doing thing in the last moment) I even got a prize at the end of that first year.
    As the years went by ( I am now in my fourth year), things got worse and worse. I remember that at one point in the second year I've thought to myself: What if all things went wrong and I had nothing and I become a homeless person? And then, everything went downhill.
    Now, I remember having very high anxiety about the projects in the first year. And I remember i always had doubts about architeture. I even don't know now if that's what I want to do. I am stuck and it has become a nightmare.
    I started to work less and less, I even started not to give in the assignements. Sometimes I stare at the computer for hours trying to convince myself to do something. I know I love some parts of architecture, but the thought of really working as an architect in the real world scares me. And I'm also shy.
    I just don't work anymore...sometimes I convince myself to work and it works, I pass. I don't know what happened to me, I used to be more ambitious and working.I just don't find the meaning behind all this, and I lost my motivation.
    What i really want now is to find a work that I like, to start working and get enthusiast about something! Anything! And to stop dissapointing people in my life, esspecially my parents.

  • Liz Contributor

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    Jan 7 2014, 02:06
    There is nothing wrong with having that as a back up plan. I tried EMT, Cosmetology and now at almost 30 I should be getting my BA in special education. To me it is never too late to find yourself and sometimes you need to try different things to find what suits you best. So for the meantime if you can find something in that field while looking into studying other things, go for it. Or if you decide to change majors, thats ok too. As long as you hold a job (regardless of what it is) till you find yourself, then you will never be homeless. Yes I am financially struggling but I am not homeless and live independently while also paying for my education, so it is all POSSIBLE !!
  • Pat Contributor

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    Jan 7 2014, 12:04
    I also struggled in my early adult life to find "my path". I believe that this is normal for most young people. Our society is complex. The choices are endless. You sound like a very intelligent and talented person. Perhaps if you think of life as a fluid flowing journey, ever changing, you might feel calmer. I think a break from school and working is a good idea for you. Try to travel a little if you can. The world is a big place!! Procrastination is fear. It can cripple you and your goals. For me when I get overwhelmed with too much in my life I make lists. I break my projects into three simple lists. 1. Do now ( today, must be done) 2. This month 3. This year. Each week I review them and see what specific project I want to attack. Saving lists and seeing the progress may help you sort things out. This system works for me. Remember your parents will always love you! They want you to be happy. I raised two boys to men and they are successful. They also struggled in their early 20's to find their path. It is part of life! Relax. Do one thing at a time. Relish that moment. Then take another step! Your sadness and frustrations will diminish as you move forward, even if you go slow. You have all the gifts it takes to succeed. Best of luck!

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