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Work choice pressure

Work Stress

Oct 29 2013, 10:06
  • Lisa Newbie

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    Hey guys I wanted to get your advice..

    I've moved to a new city almost two months ago. I picked up work two weeks ago - one really low paying waitressing job but with a great work environment, everyone is friendly and nice and it is fun to work there. It's 15 hours a week for minimum wage, on weekends,

    The other two jobs i have are casual and pay double the wage of the restaurant job. They pay triple on weekends, but i have to turn weekends down cause i work at the restaurant till 2am etc.

    the restaurant tires me out and then i get ill and crash for the next two days so my availability for the high paying casual jobs suffers... but i do get phonecalls from them...

    im debating if i should quit the restaurant... so that i can focus on doing heaps of casual work - thing is though casual is uncertain hours etc... but even if i just got three shifts a week i would be well off!

    The benefits of the restaurant is that it's a good environment, i get to know new people in this city, socialise and work at the same time. I get guaranteed hours as part time work contract. I get cheap meals. I get to practice my native language and make connections with people from my native country.

    the cons are that it's hard work for ridiculous pay. Get tired and then dont have energy to do shifts for the well paying casual work when they call me.

    I don't know what I should do... I was supposed to work on sunday night at the restaurant but i called in sick that morning cause i was feeling ill. But sunday was my last rostered shift... it's wednesday now so I need to get in touch with them... call them or walk in to see when I am next rostered on..

    Or I could quit... but it's only been two weeks...

    I got this job gladly because it was the first job i signed up with in this new city and i was desperate for an income. Now I have the bounty of getting too much work and need to choose if I want to focus on the money or the experience...

    I'm not sure... what would you guys do??

    Thank you, this has been on my mind because I hate to disappoint or inconvenience people...

    also i've had to turn down a heap of casual job offers cause and they say the more you turn it down the less they will call you..... im worried that im messing up my opportunities with them cause i feel a sense of loyalty or responsibility towards the restaurant... even though i dont think i need to? at the end of the day im just a new staff member?? I've also not been introduced properly to the managers etc so i don't know who to contact or talk to ...

    Thanks guys

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