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How to deal with passive aggressive boss?

Work Stress

Jun 3 2013, 21:46
  • Help!

    I've been at my new job for a month now, and I like it well enough... except that my boss is extremely passive aggressive.

    If I say I'm having a great day, she calls me sarcastic. If I say I'm feeling tired, she gets upset with me for 'not being upbeat enough'. She'll frequently complain about scenarios that indirectly relate to me as if they're my fault. Whenever she asks me a questions, I'm scared to answer because I have no idea how she'll twist it around. When I try to explain myself after she has misinterpreted what I'm saying, she cuts me off and walks away.

    I am doing my best to "be myself" and strong in what I'm doing. When she makes evasive or indirect remarks I ask for clarification. But I'm living in a constant state of anxiety.

    I think about it all the time, and I always have knots in my stomach wondering what she REALLY thinks of me? Will she cut my hours? Is there something I ACTUALLY need to improve on? Was her praise sincere or back handed?

    I REALLY need some advice! I am tired of living in constant stress! How should I handle this?
  • Jun 5 2013, 01:49
    Thank you so much for replying! It feels good just to have validation here. I will try that - keeping conversation to a minimum.
  • Liz Contributor

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    Jun 29 2013, 14:33
    What is it that you do, and definitly keep the communication at a minimum, if anything dont speak about how you feel, just do your job. She can be feeling jealous of your up beat personality and positive attitude and not happy with herself or job. People are difficult to figure out, but on a positive note, do your job, get your check and keep it moving. Dont bring your personal life into the job, or feel you can really open up about yourself to people who may not really know you, and immediately form an opinion. you dont want that. Do your job, stay positive, smile and brush off others negative attitudes because how you feel will make your day. I have issues at my job too, but i dont let that affect my work ability, and i notice, how negative people are, and when i dont let that bother me, my days is less stressful. Good Luck

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