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Got job offer but feel under-qualified - NEED ANSWER ASAP

Work Stress

Apr 25 2013, 12:14
  • garys Newbie

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    I have been an IT professional for over 17 years but never in an official managerial capacity. On a whim, i applied for an IT manager job about a week ago. I did it mostly because the company has an excellent reputation and they do a lot of good for the community. 80 percent of the job description i matched perfectly. However the other 20% i didn't at all. I have knowledge of that 20% but i am no where near an expert.
    Anyways, I got a call the day of applying for an interview. The next day after that I got a phone interview with the former IT manager of the company. The next day after that I received a job offer. I must say i was completely blown away. I did express my concerns about the parts of the job description that I had no experience with. I was honest in the interview and also with the former IT manager.
    So, needless to say, i'm completely stressed out. I guess i just cant get passed that 20% of the job that i wont have a good handle on. I worry in a way that I might be inadvertently setup to fail. Its a small company with only 2 IT people, myself as the manager and one IT consultant. I also worry that if we both don't know how to do something, there is no one to ask. I am good at figuring things out(always have been) but its troubling to think about that scenario.

    I have to respond to the company by tomorrow :(

    Should i accept this job?

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