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Butch like female attracted to men. Help?

Sexuality & Gender

Oct 14 2016, 16:30
  • I was born a female and have lived life as a female. However, I have always, since I can remember, not liked many feminine things, as far as clothes, purses, hair, nails, etc... I am not attracted to females. I have always liked males, even in my younger ages as a child. I wanted Ken, not barbie. I wanted a boy cabbage patch baby. I always knew I wanted a son and what I was gonna name him. This is difficult for me to understand because I want a loving relationship with a man, a manly man, cause that's what turns me on. But I'm very masculine myself in the way I dress and carry myself. Any insight will be appreciated. This is just the tip of the iceberg by the way. I'm sure none of you want to read a book on here.
  • SmallStress Contributor

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    Apr 8 2018, 10:23
    Don't change what you look like for any potential partner, you are wonderful and how you feel comfortable is equally so.
    I wouldn't worry about your looks not getting you the guy you like, as a butch lesbian I still get hit on by guys despite being very masc presenting (and they aren't gay guys).

    Feel free to post more. That's what it's here for :)

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