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I think he's gay

Sexuality & Gender

Mar 1 2014, 23:31
  • Amialone Newbie

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    I'm the woman who has a boyfriend who is acting gay. I just feel it in my gut he is not into vaginas. He has been caught many times sexting or chatting with men. He doesn't like nor is he good at oral sex on me. He doesn't like putting his fingers inside me. He doesn't kiss at all not anywhere on my body. He is bisexual I know for sure cause we have been with another guy but he was so nervous he couldn't get it up but he liked being in control of the other guy. I know he loves me he couldn't be a better man very sweet he will do almost anything I ask but that's the thing I have to ask. I don't wanna ask. Why doesn't he grope me or touch me flirt with me without being asked. He acts like I'm a pain in the ass. I'm 36 he's 48 the reason we met was because we both liked sex now he's changed and I'm still the same I love him and I love sex and he's not interested in sex anymore. We might have sex twice to three times a month. When I ask him about it he just walks away or doesn't wanna talk about it he says he's not gay. But he shows all the signs. He likes to wear womens clothes and he loves watching mattew mc can't spell it the guy from magic mike. I just wonder what other people think
  • Sep 10 2015, 12:41
    Oh I know other people who are going through this very thing.. I wish I had done incredible words of wisdom that could help you out, but I just don't. I just wanted you to know you aren't alone. And I personally think it's a good idea to follow your gut. Best of luck!

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