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Why can't I let this go?

Self Esteem & Shyness

May 30 2014, 19:21
  • Hannah Newbie

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    I've always wanted to be a singer, but the rational part of my brain keeps telling me not to. And I don't want to, not anymore, but I still feel a pang in my heart whenever I see a successful singer performing on stage. The thing is, I'm shy, not that attractive, bad at singing and dancing and acting. I know I would never make it and trying would ultimately depress me more than not trying at all. I don't think I could handle the failure. I guess I just need some help realizing that. The logical part of my brain knows that, but whenever I see a performance I just want to be on stage. I don't need encouragement to follow my dreams, because I'm not even sure if they are my dreams anymore. I need help being able to let this fantasy go without regrets. Please help talk some sense into me!!!!
  • scarlett Contributor

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    Nov 5 2015, 22:11
    This post looks like it's been up for quite a while, and I hope someone gave you some good advice. There's nothing wrong with having dreams, and being wistful about something you chose not to do for whatever reason. Everyone has dreams, and part of growing up is dealing with acknowledging one's limitations and one's expectations lining up with reality. Only you in the end, can let it go. In the meantime, try out being a fierce karaoke girl! No pressure, just have fun. You can even buy a machine and do it at home, have a party, invite a couple friends over, just have fun, no pressure. In the end, some dreams are simply that, and we must keep on with our lives. You don't have to be a singer, but you don't have to stop singing. Hum in the shower, whatever. Don't guilt yourself over it.

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