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Positive things I am doing to overcome depression and fears

Self Esteem & Shyness

Aug 29 2013, 18:12
  • Trish Helpful Friend

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    I am taking a new approach to beating my low self esteem by doing things outside of my comfort zone. As someone who has struggled with a low self worth and self depreciating thoughts for the most of my life, I am hoping that this will help me regain confidence gradually. So can you please share something positive and outside of your comfort zone that you are doing to build confidence.

    I have just started learning to drive and I have had 7 lessons so far. I have always dreaded driving as I always thought only confident people make good drivers. I got fed up of the negative thoughts and I pushed past it to seek out an instructor. My negative thoughts have not completely disappeared but I am glad that I made the decision to face my fears and start driving. Could others please share what you are doing to face your fears and build your confidence.
  • Mossy Contributor

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    Apr 13 2016, 00:33
    Trish, I really like the affirmative way you have framed this discussion! Thank you.

    We are all capable of taking some actions, big or small, to help our situation. Just knowing that we are capable of doing something is powerful. Phrasing your questions and comments in how you talk to yourself and others is important in how well we can help ourselves feel better.

    You are very perceptive and brave to realize you have to go beyond your comfort zone. Trish, good for you on learning to drive! I admire how you are bravely showing up for each lesson and I'm glad to read it has helped you.

    As for positive steps I am taking to overcome depression, I am making a point to get outside and socialize with positive people. When I am feeling a little anxious or down I can tend to stay inside and then without new input my own fears or negative thoughts seem too important. Once I get myself out to the party or just a walk outside, I feel better.

    I am trying to get to Codependents Anonymous in-person meetings more often. "CoDa" is another 12-step group to help people who tend to over-rescue or do more than they should, often in response to someone else with an addiction. In the case of my family, no substance abuse is involved. Many in my family have anxiety and depression and dysfunctional relationships form when one person tries to "rescue" or overcontrol the other.

    It's a new insight to me that I am a codependent. But, as I review books and websites about dysfunctional relationships, I recognize myself as falling into the role of codependent.

    So, I too have to work to overcome chronic depression, anxiety, and an overdeveloped tendency to try to "fix" others rather than work on my own issues.

    Again, Trish, good work in taking concrete action to overcome depression and self doubt. Tell me more about how that is going. What step do you choose next to continue to build confidence?

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