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Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Jul 16 2013, 19:19
  • I wasn't sure what to put this under but I chose Schizophrenia & Psychosis because this might count as a psychotic episode but I honestly have no idea.
    There have been several times where I have lost complete control of my actions and thoughts. Nothing out of the ordinary happens before these moments. I feel normal and then all of a sudden something snaps.
    My thoughts are usually cluttered and fast, but when I lose control or whatever it's like my thoughts stop. There's only one very slow thought at a time. Whatever I was thinking about before is gone from my mind.
    One of the first times this happened I was in school with my friends and I was going to give my friend a high five but instead my hands found the way to her throat and I started strangling her. I snapped out of it before I actually did damage but it freaked her out and I played it off as a joke.
    I cannot control myself at all when this happens. It's like I'm pushed into the backseat of my mind, yet I can still see, feel, and hear what I'm doing. I have noticed my hearing gets a bit muffled, like I'm wearing ear muffs. I also remember what I've done afterwards.
    These episodes usually happen a few times a month. I've tried to do research about it but I couldn't really find anything so I would really appreciate someone's input on this. Thank you.

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