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help please

Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Aug 30 2012, 19:33
  • dont really know what category this falls in but.........i don't know what to do or whats going on. At times i get agitated for no reason, i feel lost and confused. I feel like there is so many people in my life but yet i feel alone. i feel like there is a piece of me missing. when i am carrying on my daily life i feel like an ache in my heart. Maybe medication can help me but i dont even know my own problem. i drink every now and then because the feeling helps the hole and me and how i am feeling, i smoke cigarettes because the short term light head feeling makes me feel better. i have high self esteem, im not depressed? . i have a great life but at times i feel this hole in me, in my life, i need some mind altering thing to help me feel better. Can anyone just help me. It feels like its getting worse. Walking around everyday thinking why am i feeling this way? whats wrong? where do i turn? i feel like something is missing in my life but what? please help.
  • LilyV Newbie

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    Sep 26 2012, 01:26
    I wish I could help, but, I don't feel like I really understand what's going on. Is it residual guilt or other feelings from something you've done or that has happened to you maybe? When did it start?
  • Nin Newbie

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    Oct 17 2012, 22:38
    Hi. Sounds like perhaps you might be struggling with some anxiety issues, which can easily be confused with depression.

    Do you feel like you worry more than most people?

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