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It all started with a tab of acid...

Schizophrenia & Psychosis

Aug 2 2012, 01:37
  • SnowOwl Newbie

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    LSD changed my perspective on everything in life (this was about 8 months ago). I see everything in a different light now, everything from people, to animals, to nature. I live a pretty respectable life now (not saying it wasnt before, just more or less have better morals now). I'm very down to earth and loving.

    But the drop made something... come out, it's almost like a multiple personality thing, but it's not. I guess if i felt like using silly words i could say, theres now voices in my head and i talk back to them. The easist way to describe it would be that you had a spirit guide on your trip... and they just stick with you afterwards.

    It's a very awkward and interestingly spiritual story. I had a very... spiritual trip.

    The more and more i look into various disorders... i feel like i might be schizo, just so many things relate...

    Im just honestly scared about seeing a therapist.
  • richard89 Contributor

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    Aug 5 2012, 16:05
    im scared of seeing a therapist too man, i don't feel that i can trust them
  • Contributor

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    Aug 10 2012, 17:46
    If you really feel something is wrong, it's worth seeking help or a professional opinion and stopping it in its tracks before it gets worse. There are many psychological disorders which may be caused or triggered by drugs.
  • Newglass Newbie

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    Nov 26 2012, 23:28
    I have a similar story where I experienced a new mindset, possibly a more unfiltered consciousness, followed by some disequilibrium in my identity. Interactions I once thought of as normal suddenly seemed very crude, insulting and disrespectful. I suddenly was questioning all my interactions and became afraid of interacting, thinking I might accidentally hurt someone. I even started questioning eating meat because, like you, I started thinking of animals differently.
    I also have had moments of wondering if the sudden change was an onset of a mental illness. For me, I believe all this was a result of having some of my false constructs of who I am stripped away. I don't know anything about "spirit guides". For me, the new "voice" or companion is just a new me: A more honest image of who I am and how the "new I" thinks the "changing I" should act.

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