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Old PTSD and can’t trust men

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Jan 7 2020, 05:11
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    I’m just explaining my thoughts my twenties my step dad tried raping me. My mother thought I seduced him and so I ran away homeless. I spent years on the streets and going to college. I finished school and now I’m finding that I can’t trust men because I have an embedded PTSD that men are like my step dad. I thought he was nicer than most with a PHD in engineering and soft skills. Subconsciously... I always think men are liars, thieves, cheaters, and they think women are less than or take us for granted.
    He wasn’t the only betrayal. I was drugged and raped in a group home when I attempted living off the streets and almost raped by an ex-boyfriend. The previous boyfriend slept the waiter and left me when I watched the outdoor security camera.

    I can’t stand being alone, however I can’t bring myself trust with men. I feel like I’ll end up a maid or a side piece for a man I am loyal with. Do I just forget men? Should I test them? How do you logically know someone else is loyal?

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