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Waited to long for help!

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Dec 9 2016, 09:08
  • DaF Newbie

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    In 1998 my eldest brother died of gunshot to the head in his bedroom at my sisters house. Due to lack of insurance for this i help clean up including picking up pieces of his brain and skull. In 2002 my younger brother was hit by a semi truck whkle walking down the interstate and several months later in a medical portion of in-sdrvice the doc began showing slides of what was left of his mangled body sending me in a rage and walkin out.dec of 2005 our house bunrnt to the ground leaving us homeiess with only the clothes on our backs. Now fast forward to April 2012, After many years of an abusive marriage and nasty divorce i met and married the sweetest wman i have ever met only tooose her to an accidental shooting right in front of me (she died in my arms) after EM and police left i was transported to the hospital for eval. July of this year i lost my job of 13 years because i did something and really couldnt stop it. Now with all that try to imagine 13 years of seeing the worst in people, seeing babies and children after being thrown through a windshield due to not wearing seatbelts. Babies beaten by das or boyfriends cause they would not stop crying.... young boys and girld killing themselves because they where picked on or bullied or didnt feel pretty enough. I could go on but you get the idea. My point is do not ruin your life by waiting to get help. Its to late for me but with hope it's not for you...
  • carolina's Contributor

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    Sep 15 2018, 00:38
    I don't believe it's too late for you. Thank you for sharing. So crazy it would make a movie. I always say someone out there always has it worse & I believe that no matter who we are. And I hate it. But it is a sad reality. I feel you are a very caring person to have found this site & shared hoping to help someone else I hope it helps you to know you are a very caring person. I am so sorry for all you have been through. You must have a special healing mission to give away. Blessings to you for health & healing.

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