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Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Dec 6 2015, 18:59
  • I have been through a number of extremely difficult and traumatic events I in my life, and have a pattern of creating relationships with extremely destructive people. This started with a dangerous life threatening mother who was a paranoid schizophrenic, who self medicated. Do people with PTSD create repeat trauma? I normalized living with a totally unpredictable mom.

    I just went through a horrific divorce and lost just about everything, financially, to an extremely clever and abusive ex husband who physically and mentally abused me for years. He is extremely charming and swore he would destroy me. He just about has just about done just that. He even had me and my daughter arrested and jailed for over a week on false charges.He lives overseas so there are no consequences for him.

    I suffer from serious chronic pain from a broken back and failed surgeries. I sometimes wonder if I will ever stop attract these people and horrible things in my life . I have lots of the classic PTSD symptoms and want to try tapping. I am afraid to trust myself and my ability to chose friends or a new relationship. Does anyone have experience with tapping?

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