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Do I have ASPD?

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Feb 23 2014, 21:26
  • indifference Newbie

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    I think I may have ASPD. Can I describe myself to you?

    Im a girl who went through extreme abuse up until I was 13. I started noticing these traits of mine when I was about 10. I noticed I don't react the same way as others. Up until I was about 14/15 (before I learned how to act) my parents said I was just blank. That my face never showed any emotion. I have no feeling for anything, except some respect for my parents, but I feel like everyone is stupid, I get pissed when someone stands to close to me, I want to strangle people. I plot murders. I have gotten away with stealing multiple times, Ive never been caught. I hack websites to post mean things, I manipulate my friends. I really don't give a shit about anyone. But its hard because I feel so fucking numb and empty and yet I have to act all the time to be normal. I have to bear with these idiots I call friends. I learned I cant tell my parents what idiots they are. I have a high IQ (138)Any ideas?
    Also, I have been diagnosed with PTSD and OCD. But I have never told my counselors the truth, I always put on a smile and pretend I give a shit about people.....

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