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Need Direction

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Jan 9 2014, 01:35
  • KM Newbie

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    I have Complex PTSD from years of intense trauma which resulted in some medical issues and the typical symptoms - anorexia, insomnia, anxiety etc.

    I tried therapy a few times but I couldn't find anyone who could help me, and I'm without insurance now. I've tried diet and exercise and the such but that's not gotten me far.

    Things have been especially bad lately. I tried reaching out to doctors, friends etc but they didn't even respond. Just nodded sadly and then moved on.

    I can't last this way forever, and even trying to reach out was really hard, and it's all been for nothing. So I found here. It's sort of my last ditch effort. Any recommendations on how to stop this downward spiral?

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