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I think this is PTSD

Post-Trauma Stress Disorder

Sep 17 2013, 01:06
  • boklenhle Newbie

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    When I was 13 I got into a accident with my grandma. I was driving. She was unconscious for around an hour, but I thought she was dead. I didn't have my cell phone, and there wasn't anyone around to help; my grandpa had left earlier that morning and I didn't know the way to town, which is 30 minutes away. I cried next to her until she woke up.
    I had nightmares every night for a couple years, and couldn't speak of what happened for a year. I had a few flashbacks learning to drive and driving itself scared me horribly.
    After drivers Ed I was okay with driving and it didn't cause me any anxiety. I'd learned to deal with the nightmares, so they didn't bother me so much anymore.
    Then, a few weeks ago I got into a car crash. I was hysterical even though no one was hurt. I got my car back a day ago and I can't drive alone without extreme anxiety and fear.
    Is this PTSD?

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