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Troubled with bulging disc in neck - Need help!

Physical Illness

Feb 15 2018, 04:14
  • sadiedill Newbie

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    I am severely troubled with a bulging disc in my neck. I suffer pain, numbness, and tinglings across my neck. Sometimes the pain radiates from my neck to the shoulder, down my arms to the finger. I am unable to move my neck freely and I can't lift any objects with my hands because of the pain. So I consulted a doctor and he said that I have a bulging disc. He also added that my bad sleeping posture might be the cause of developing a bulging disc. He recommended undergoing a spine surgery. I searched online to know more about bulging disc. A bulging disc is a spine injury which is sustained to the spine's invertebral disc. It may occur in the lumbar spine, thoracic spine or cervical spine. It is also referred as a slipped disc or a protruding disc. I also found that chiropractor treatment is done to recover from a bulging disc. So I'm planning to consider a chiropractor treatment ( ). When I discussed this with my friend, she suggested undergoing the treatment from a clinic in Mississauga. Is there anyone here who had undergone this procedure for a bulging disc? How was your experience? Please share your views and suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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