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Physical Illness

Feb 1 2011, 20:58
  • jerellheg Newbie

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    Please help
    I get wierd thoughts I feel life is a dream and I often think about life and how wierd It Is it comes amd goes its really wierd one minute Ill be ok the next wierd thoights flutter into my brain I have It so much it trips me out I want it to stop I miss bieng normal someone help me please ..

    Any further questions ill be happy to answer I hate this so Damn much I know I can be normal but my brain Kent letting me I really have it I need help .

    I don't know how to further explain this without having questions asked so please help I need some advice on what tpp doo I don't want to be crazy .. I want to be normal
    I know I'm not crazy I just feel outta control sometimes well in control but my brain has wierd thought I really need some one to give me advice this feeling sucks so much its taking over mee
    And how I lol on things I feel like life is kinda pointless but I really wanna keep living I don't wamt my thoughts to make me end up something stupid one day I need help , some one please help ..

  • kayleetam Newbie

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    Nov 26 2011, 18:32
    Without more examples about what weird thoughts you're having, it sounds to me like you're having an existential crisis. All it means is that you're worried that there's no point to life and that nothing you do will matter. There is no real 'cure' for this other than to remember everything you love about life and know that everything you do DOES matter - everyone influences everyone else's lives, and it's up to you what kind of influence that is. If you have a religion, hang on to that, and if you don't, then think about how many people have changed the world for the better and use that as proof that there is a point to living.

    Feel free to correct me if my diagnosis was off. If these aren't the 'weird' thoughts you're having, then what are they?

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