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How to help her in oral health?


Dec 31 2017, 19:47
  • karem Newbie

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    Hi, myself Agnes. I have a daughter who is in twelfth grade. She is a girl who has a lot of friends and she is a person who goes to parties almost every night. When she was in her second grade, as the result of excess chocolate usage, her tooth got decayed. At that time, she was afraid of going to the dental clinic for the detailed procedure. So we didn't treat decayed tooth well. Now the tooth has completely damaged and it has disappeared from mouth gradually. Now my daughter is finding difficulties while eating. She says that she cannot enjoy eating. When I discussed this with my friend, she suggested undergoing dental care services from a clinic in High Park ( ). Will this treatment reduce the discomfort? Does this treatment come with insurance? Is there any special care required for the replaced teeth? Please give your suggestions. Thanking you in advance.

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