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Blended Family Problems


Feb 27 2014, 14:09
  • MandaMac Newbie

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    My boyfriend and I have been together for over 3 years now. He has a son from a previous marriage and the mother has never really been in the little boys life. When she gets sober for a day or two (about once a year) she gives us a call and cries "wanting to be apart of her sons life again". That is as far as that goes though. I have been this baby's momma for 3 years now (since he was 3) and the only mom that he has ever known. I have completely accepted and embrace the role of this boys mom but everybody is against us being a family, including my boyfriends parents and my "cousin". Everybody has babied this child so bad his entire life that he still struggles with rules and doing things for himself. Now keep in mind, I do almost everything but he is almost 7 years old. Getting himself dressed and giving himself a bath are tasks that he should be able to handle on his own. Anyways, our biggest problem is discipline and consistency. My boyfriend still tends to let him get away with things 10 times over before punishment is followed through with, I am not this way. I give one warning, and than that's it. Now you are grounded from the wii, or stand in the corner, what ever the punishment is at the time. I don't think I'm to harsh, but I do tend to loose my cool when he continues to talk back or refuses punishment. I don't know what else to do and it causes problems between my boyfriend and I, like I am the one doing something wrong here or I'm too mean! I try to keep my cool, but again...I should not have to continually get on to him for the same things every single day! I don't know how else to handle this....

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