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i had a miscarriage and i cant tell my mom


Nov 14 2013, 21:55
  • vaultgirl93 Newbie

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    I had a miscarriage last month. I am agorophobic so I don't have any very close friends. I would love to confide in my mother, but any time I have a problem she tells me its my fault because I'm an awful person, no matter what. I would love to confide in my own mother but I'm afraid.
  • Snail Contributor

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    Dec 30 2013, 11:04
    I'm sorry to hear that your mother isn't supportive. Dealing with a miscarriage would be painful even under the best of circumstances, so having to cope alone must be really hard. You have a right to feel whatever you need to feel for as long as you need to feel it, and talking about those feelings is important.

    I have found that online friendships can be helpful when one is isolated in real life. When I was struggling to overcome the lingering emotional damage from an abusive relationship, which included grieving over a coerced abortion, I found that talking about it in chat rooms or forums with anonymous strangers made me feel better over time and allowed me to form healing connections. I know your situation is different, but finding an online support group might be worth a try. Ideally, there would eventually be a way to repair your relationship with your mother, but that is unlikely to happen quickly. For now, please know that there are people who care, some of whom might be feeling the same things you are feeling. They might need someone to talk to about it, just like you do, and you might end up helping each other through it if you are able to express how you are feeling. A quick online search will reveal several options.

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