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Angry at son's stepmother


Jun 28 2013, 01:02
  • Aspen Newbie

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    I heard from numerous sources that my son's stepmom said
    'He was dead to her' I am furious she really diesnt treat him
    well think real life Cinderella but brags to everyone how great their
    Relationship is. He is a soft spoken sensitive kid that doesn't like confrontation
    And as kids go he is a really good low maintenance kid.
    I am just fuming about her statement I tried talking to my ex
    About it but he wanted to know who told me cuz obviously
    Someone has it out for his wife...
    If I tell him who said it then I am afraid he will tell her and she will try to get these people fired
    Because she is that kind of woman and they are
    Scared of her...
    I don't know what to do... No one should ever say that about a kid
    Especially a teacher and a step mom...
    Suggestions? I told my ex she is not allowed to be alone with my son...
    And I am rethinking going to court to change custody agreement
    But I fear I will lose since they have alot more money.

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