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My Wife's EX-Husband's Girlfriend


Mar 10 2013, 00:26
  • Binger Newbie

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    My wife had 2 children with and Ex-Husband.
    She used to be married to a guy who committed adultery during her marriage with another female. This female also has 2 children.

    My wife just asked me my view on a particular situation that came up... Her ex and his girlfriend (the same one whom he cheated with) went to a basketball game tonight and her ex took one of his daughters. He then asked my wife to watch his girlfriend's daughter which my wife has no relationship with. Mind you that this is the daughter of the female whom her ex cheated on her with.

    My wife seems to think that there will eventually have to be some sort of interaction between her 2 children and the other girlfriend's children on a more serious level like her babysitting them or meeting at a common "play-date" situation in the future. Both sets of children already interact outside of our control at her ex's house with the other girlfriend during her visitation.

    Up until tonight my wife wanted NOTHING to do with this other female and her children. My wife seems to think that if she shows that she is making an effort to try to integrate the families that the courts will look at this better. My wife is still battling her ex for child support in court so she feels that by her integration with the other female (and her children) she will be in a better position to make him pay child support.

    I DISAGREE!!! This is the other woman whom her ex cheated on her with and destroyed her family.

    Please provide feedback and logical thinking on my situation.
  • keybonita Helpful Friend

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    May 13 2013, 07:09
    It depends on the state and circumstances of the divorce what agreement will be made. Usually ends in a standard state visitation/support schedule. At any rate, being nice does not hurt her chances to look the better person. Unfortunately if her ex stays with this woman your wife's kids will have interaction with them and some sort of relationship. One free from stress of the "break up" will benefit your kids in the long run. In the end, it's all about the kids well-being.
  • johnmarc Helpful Friend

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    May 13 2013, 17:54
    that sounds fishy to me. i would check with a lawyer. i don't think your wife's relationship with this "other woman" is going to be relavent to his child support. the father should be responsible for his child.
    that is too kum ba yah for me. the children might interact but let them interact over there at the other house. i might want to know what the child is like so as to see what influence might be places on her chldren. other than that i say go back to having NOTHING to do with her
  • Jul 13 2013, 09:13
    iv recently been going through some court stuff with my bf. it didnt matter to the judge if me and his ex wife got along or not as long as we wernt rude in front of the kids.
  • Alves Contributor

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    Sep 22 2013, 05:38
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  • Summer Newbie

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    Sep 28 2013, 00:03
    I know its a very late date to be replying to this.. I understand your point, I understand your wife too.. It actually depends on the ex-husband.. If he's one of those people that you have to keep happy in order to get things done easier, then maybe thats a reason for your wife to be doing all that.. Though, she's just afraid of how she'll manage if for some reason he doesn't pay child support.. Though, she needs to understand, either way its the same stress on her, she can do whats right for her kids and fight for her right bravely, or she can listen to whatever the ex says and keep her fingers crossed for the cash.. Now, both are equally hard, but the first choice is harming the kids also.. so, she shouldn't be doing what you said she is.

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