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Over possessive kid


Sep 13 2010, 16:05
  • Sydney Newbie

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    My 5 year old is a bit too possessive about me. She cries every time I step out of the house and doesn't leave my side even for a minute when I am at home. She throws a tauntrum every time somebody else get my attention, even her mother.

    At first it was cute, but as she is getting older, it is becoming a huge problem for us.
  • Dr S Rawat Helpful Friend

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    Sep 28 2010, 06:42
    Your daughters behaviour is in excess of what is considered typical behaviour in a 5 year old. While attachment is an issue for children of her age such a problem is more typical of a much younger child and in addition it should not be as consistent and infexible in nature as to be present with familiar family members and in all situations. There appears to be more going on than meets the eye and it is highly recommended that she be assessed by a professional psychologist in order to assess her current emotional state. Such scenarios can and most often do result in much more serious problems later on in life.

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