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Will cognitive behavior therapy work for OCD?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Feb 14 2018, 07:15
  • Wandawalt Newbie

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    Hi, I am in doubt of having OCD symptoms. My friends notified me about this. They are fed up with my activities. I am looking for maximum perfection in everything. So that I am repeatedly checking and doing things. I am not able to complete my office works in time because of my perfectionism. This repeated checking will give me a kind of satisfaction, I can't word it but can feel it. The things are same in my home too. I feel a doubt whether I wash my hands or not, close the door or not, turn off the tap and lights. My parents and friends advised me to concentrate while doing an activity and then slowly change the repetition and confirmation. I have tried that but a compulsive thought tempted me to do so. My friends suggested me to consult a clinic in Toronto for obsessive-compulsive disorder therapy( ). I am planning to take the treatment. Before taking the treatment, I searched on this. I read that cognitive behavior therapy is good for OCD. Is this treatment is enough for me to change my obsessive thoughts? Need your suggestions.

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