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How can I help my daughter?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dec 31 2017, 20:36
  • karem Newbie

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    Hi, I have two kids. Both of them are in the same grade. They used to sleep together in the same room. They used to play for some time in the room before sleeping. One of my kid told that the other used to wake up in the midnight and cry like anything. Next day I asked him what was worrying him. He told that he was worried about the lions in the toy box. He was afraid that the lion will come and eat him. This obsession made him not to sleep throughout the night. He stopped playing with his toys after that. This was repeating every day. He will not sleep in the night and puts the lights on so we took him( ) to our family doctor. He suggested taking my kid to an OCD Therapy center in Toronto . Is there a need for taking him to an OCD treatment? Will this help him to sleep? Is there any need for hospitalization? Please help me out.

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