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OCD or thought disorder? Masochistic personality, should I stay in therapy?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sep 1 2013, 12:01
  • Sarah Eliana Newbie

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    Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to overcome a thought disorder without therapy? I tend to sabotage my therapy sessions and social life in one way or another (masochism?) and was wondering if I could use meditation alone to get rid of obsessions. My obsessions are with obsessively making mistakes on purpose to understand what makes me tick, making theories about what will happen if I ruin my life and then trying prove it, and wondering if I was a better or stronger person in a past life (literally) and if I deserve to live fully grounded in the present. I've asked questions about living in the present life vs. the past life to people like 15 times but it never helps. Also, does it sound like I have Pure O OCD because I tend to ruminate about the same things over and over and ask for validation over and over again?
  • 8 Ball Newbie

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    Sep 3 2013, 08:46
    I hope you find the help you so desperately need.
  • Rose_Gold22 Newbie

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    May 23 2017, 23:41
    Above comment so dismissive and rude, I suffer from the same thing (pure-o) and It's a living nightmare for me. I have the worst possible thoughts imaginable, and obsess over whether I'm a completely insane monster or not. Wouldn't wish this mental illness onto my worst enemy. I literally cry every night.

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