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Why Do I Have These Horrible Thoughts? please help!!!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jan 21 2013, 04:25
  • Tony M Newbie

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    Hi everybody. I've been having a major problem for about a month but its been much worse the last few days. What happens is i will just be going about my day and every 2 minutes or so i will have these horrible thoughts and images in my head. it hurts me to go into to much detail but it relates to people i love very much and only want the best for. its like whenever i think about the people i care about the worst things happen in my mind. i try and try to get rid of these thoughts and replace them with positive ones but the bad ones just seem to keep coming back. so from the time i wake up, to the time i go to sleep,
    I'm in a constant battle trying to get rid of these very negative thoughts.

    as a result, i haven't been able to focus on pretty much anything else.

    it hurts me so much that these thoughts are in my head i just want it to stop.

    I've already asked for help on several other sites and i don't know where else to turn.

    if any of you can help me, i would be more grateful then i could even express in words.

    Thank You.
  • irispromises Newbie

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    Jan 21 2013, 05:56
    Hey Tony, Maybe you can get involved in art or music, and try listening to positive music, and stations that have influential words of uplifting your thoughts. Your thoughts are very valuable, should you find a piece of paper and write down some words you like a lot, and words that have made you smile, or laugh. Comedy is much needed, comedians might be out of taste from time to time but that's how you laugh. Sense of humor will direct your mind into an even bigger idea, that your imagination is so much more important to you, than hanging on to someone who has harmed you. Letting go is going to help you more too. Let go of the thought. Have you ever gotten therapy for laughing too much? I don't think anyone has, that is what makes all of this trouble so funny. The memory is only going to make you sad, it won't ever be a happy one,
    so remember that it is not worth your time. Neither worth your hatred thought.
    Think of your favorite color, and what kind of flowers are that color. You have the gift of finding deeper thought. There is a deeper meaning to all of this. Dreaming of animals, or fish, and waterfalls. I hope that I at least tried to let help you, and that you know you may be in need of some vacation, a way out for a minute. A small escape so you can return to be there. And remember this, the most important thing you need to know is, it is unwanted.
  • Maggie Contributor

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    May 29 2013, 23:11
    It sounds like what I call 'Day-mares'. It sounds a lot like what I go thru.

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