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One thin leads to the next, HELP ME!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Jun 24 2012, 22:38
  • Lostinmylies Newbie

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    I am a compulsive and I know it, I've been with my girlfriend since April 4th if I'm correct and basically it's the best relationship I've ever had, I'm so deathly scared of loseing her because she is the sweetest most innocent girl on earth... I don't want to lose her cause of my lieing... I can't do this anymore I need someone's help I hate lieing but sometimes I dont even know I'm doing it and then I say it and realize it I do it without thinking and then I realize I did it a second later and am scared that I just lied and scared to admit hat I just lied so I lie again :( it's ruining my life please help me, all I want to do is clean myself up and continue my life I've got an amazing family sure they can be hard headed but my father is very successful and did get there from being clueless on life, I want what he has someday and this lieing is going to put me in a hole forever

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    Jun 25 2012, 11:59
    well, maybe it would help to keep a list of lies. Write them down. Then go over them as a chain of events that means something to you. You must want people to believe the lies (probably); so look at them all together and see if there is a common theme. Not what you *think* they mean (that you're bad-that's obviously what you think based on your first letter. Also that you feel hopeless).

    Do it for a week or so. Then it would be nice if you could write back and tell me if you noticed anything. You might want to share with your girlfriend what you learned.

    A person can lie without being a compulsive liar, by the way.

    Ginny- not a therapist, a volunteer mod

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