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Can't Get Over Miscarriage 2 Years Ago

Grief, Loss & Survivors

Sep 20 2014, 00:48
  • Teeney1002 Newbie

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    In 2012 I suffered my second miscarriage. I have a daughter who's now nine, but haven't been able to carry another baby since. Immediately following the loss of William my doctor tested my husband and me for a variety of fertility problems. Everything came back fine. We should easily be able to get pregnant. Yet God won't give us a child. I don't understand why. I'm hurt and feel completely alone. Help.
  • Joe37 Helpful Friend

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    Nov 20 2014, 22:41
    Maybe now is not the right time, God has it's purpose. Just keep the faith in Him, and you'll get what you want. And if it happens, be more careful about your pregnancy, it's a precious gift that is given in every woman.
  • scarlett Contributor

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    Nov 5 2015, 22:39
    If you believe in God, He may have other plans for you. Sometimes the pregnancy is not viable, it happens in Nature and with human beings. Asking why is no longer a question. You have to grieve and start to heal. If you believe in God, you know there's a reason for everything, and not everything will be revealed to us, or only in due time. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that you will be able to have children in your life, in one form or another, in the near future.
  • Julia Newbie

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    Nov 17 2015, 14:22
    I understand completely how you feel, unfortunately I was medically "unable to have children" as the Drs said. I only had a 'cycle' 1 time maybe a year, until one week, I began getting unbearable pains and bleeding and I didn't know what was going on. So naturally I went to the doctor, and turns out I was pregnant... But it was also not meant to be, not yet anyway. And I felt the same way, why?.. That could have been my only chance. May have been my last chance. I had no symptoms of pregnancy, I just wish I knew. This happened mere months ago. And I believe everything happens for a reason. I feel like this grieving process is never going to end. Something that has helped me, even if my baby isn't here. I talk to my baby every day, I say goodmorning and goodnight, I do things like smell flowers and look at the stars. I promised to not give up, and to keep strong. Because even if it wasn't meant to be, their souls do still exist, and when it does happen we will be blessed with their souls again. Being their mothers, whether they're with us or not we will know their souls even if it will a new body. Smile for your precious child, I'm sure he or she wants to see their mommy smile. I cry nearly every single day, but I feel like it's normal. Unfortunately, I'm working through this alone. Which is why I joined, I need someone to talk to also. Your husband will never understand that pain you feel, and that's okay, don't be angry or sad if he doesn't understand. But he is there, and even if he's tired of hearing it, or even if he doesn't like talking about it anymore you will have me and others that are here for you. I am dearly sorry for your loss, but cherish the life of your daughter, be happy you were and are blessed that you can have children. And if you're "trying" to have another, maybe you need to stop trying and let love take hold and let it happen, don't force it, don't stress, take care of your body. Whether it be diet and exercise, or mentally, meditate and relax. The smallest things make the biggest difference. I know sometimes the "it'll be okay" speech gets old, and you just may want to talk to someone who can relate to you. I understand and I'm all ears, well eyes I suppose. Remember to laugh and smile, and enjoy life, and if you feel like you can't do it for yourself do it for your baby.
  • overcomer Newbie

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    Aug 25 2016, 19:52
    I too I had a miscarriage about a year and a half and at one point I started to questioned God's work and wanted to end the pain but to tell you the truth right now I now understand the reasons why. Right now it may seem tough and feel like a dead end but it will all turn out for the best. P.S keep in mind the more stress your in, the less possibility you have in getting smile when you can, be yourself and keep on trying cause it'll happen #trust me honey..

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