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Jan 21 2014, 00:52
  • rehemia23 Newbie

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    Back in 2011 I lose my grandmother It was right Before my sophomore year in high school. Her lungs were deteriorating rapidly and she only had so long to live. I was the last grandchild to see her alive hours before she died. Waking up the next morning my mother got a call from my uncle saying my grandmother passed away, rushing to her house I saw her lifeless body on the ground . 6 months later I lost my uncle a day before my birthday to skin cancer and I didn't have the nerve to say goodbye the night before he died.. I felt bad because I know I wanted to but I was to scared to, I regret it and it makes me cry,Ever since then I cry when I think of death, or think about her dead body on the ground.. I'm afraid to die idk what to do, because I'm not sure if this is normal... I cry hard when theirs a death scene in a movie with someone dying of a illness or cancer.. My mother doesn't know I still cry like this because I hide in my room late at night and cry . The only one who knows is my boyfriend.. What should I do? What's wrong with me?
  • nittydadon Newbie

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    Nov 20 2018, 21:04
    I lost my grandmother, too. She slipped into a coma and eventually passed on into Heaven. I remember her smile so vividly with her gums and bottom row of teeth always showing. Her wigs were always short and black, while my mother did her hair. I remember her natural nails were so long and shaped. I used to paint them dark blue. I did her chubby little baby feet, too. I miss my grandmother so much. They way she smiled and laughed. The way she joked around and played with my siblings and I. I miss her more and more every day of my life. I just love my grandma so much. Everything that she has done for me and my family, I cannot be grateful enough. She's was an amazing human being.

    Enough about me. More about you. If you are over your grandmother, which you are probably not, I do not blame you. It's been quite a bit ago that she's passed away, but I will always remember her. I would talk to someone. I wish I had the resources to talk to someone, but unfortuantely I didn't. But, that's good that your boyfriend is comforting you sweetheart. stay strong.

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