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Feeling alone

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Jun 21 2013, 08:41
  • Anne-marie Newbie

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    I'm 34 years old. My father passed away 2 years ago. I moved back home to support my mom after my father's passing. My father was my "person", meaning that he understands me and know how i deal with feelings and emosions. My mom and my brother has a closer bond, my bond was with my dad.

    Afther his passing, i felt so alone, and i felt more alone the more my mom and I had fights. I was made out to be the one with the problems, the difficult one. And all I needed was someone to just understand me. And my mom just did not had to understand me, because my dad was there for me, but now he is not there anymore.

    We had long chats, and somewhere along the way she started to so things from my view.

    Then about a month ago so met someone. And we were back to square one. She started to make promises to me while she know's she will not keep them.

    Yet again I feel all alone and it feels like I'm loosing my mother as well. She choose her new boyfriend over me, and just don't want to do anything with me anymore.

    I am glad that she found someone,and that she is happy again, but why do she need to forget all about me again?

    The possibility of me moving in with my boyfriend next year is very good, and then I will be an hour's drive away from her. And that makes me angry because i know i only have the time now to spend quality time with her. And now she is pushing me away and choose he boyfriend over me.

    Am i the one that is wrong in this matter. Am I over reacting?

    It just feel like i'm constantly fighting for my mother's attention.

    Please help, someone, I really don't know how to get over this hurt inside me and this anger I have.

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