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An Impossible Situation

Grief, Loss & Survivors

May 4 2013, 04:45
  • Tim Newbie

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    My Partner of eighteen years is dieing. He's been the only person that has truly loved me in my life. I feel such grief and depression. As his care taker I find myself alone, afraid, selfish at times and always on the verge of crying. My life has been all about him for so long that when he goes I'll be homeless. (long story..) The future I see is grim. I've even thought of going with him if he dies. Does anyone have any insights?
  • Tractor13 Newbie

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    May 18 2013, 04:47

    Please dont think of going with him, your partner would not want that of you, he would want you to be happy . Eighteen years is a very long time , one no doubt full of love, happy and sad times, but you would not have had it any other way. I lost my partner in a homicide less than a year, jut out of the blue with no goodbye. I wont ly and say its gets easier with time, we have to adapt and with this carry the love and memory and their beliefs and strengths with us. I a alone my self but comforted by the thought that he chose me to be with and I shared his love. What helps me to get through is finding good in others and helping them, like volunteer, being with animals, charity work etc. I also know this sounds corny but spend as much special time as you can and create some really special memories, Take care
  • scarlett Contributor

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    Nov 5 2015, 22:44
    I wish I could give you a big hug. Cyberhug, then, will have to do. It's normal and completely OK to be anxious, worried, scared. Spend this time with your loved one, treasure every moment as best you can. Can you talk to your partner about your own feelings? Can you talk to someone a social worker, a nurse, a priest, someone outside of your immediate circle that you can trust? I'm so sorry, honey. I wish you the very best.

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