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Don't wanna let go..


Feb 20 2012, 01:45
  • AlDiRu001 Newbie

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    I've been in love with this guy called Abraham. He's amazing. We're only friends, but there's a strong bond between both of us. He knows everything about me. We even kissed once, but he acts as if it didn't happen. After that kiss, some things changed. We didn't talk the same. He still listens to me and cares about me. But, a little after we kissed, he got a girlfriend. I don't know much about her, but that she's pretty, she studies medicine, and she lives near Abraham. They are so happy together. Specially since I'm not in their way, because they live in the Dominican Republic and I live in the U.S. . But, what do I do? I really love Abraham! And I don't wanna let him go. I've never met anyone like him. Nobody understands me like he does. And I not only love him because of the way he is with me, but also his personality, and his charming look. Abraham is the boy of my dreams. He's tall, decent, has beautiful hair, he's funny, tolerant, a little jealous (which i kind of like :P ) , and special. My life isn't the same without him. I know I should let him go, but I don't want to :'( . What should I do?

    I need help.
  • Ahmed Contributor

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    Feb 22 2012, 13:21
    I know this is a hard feeling and its very difficult to deal with.
    Maybe Abraham just likes you as a friend and he probably know that you love him. Some people would not want to hurt the others feeling, that's why they never say anything about going anywhere further with the relationship and rather just move on, because they are afraid that words might hurt people they care about.
    There are 2 things you have to decide which one you want to do,
    first: is to tell him how you feel/felt about him and accept any kind of words/comeback he will come up with
    if your afraid of whats he going to say just move on and let him go.

    My mother used to tell me "God might take away things you love or like or care about, but someday he will give you something you deserve, something that might be even better than the thing you lost, so believe in God son." :)
    Take care and live your life

    If you want someone to talk to or discuss things with? I am glad to help send me a msg :)
  • AlDiRu001 Newbie

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    Feb 24 2012, 18:31
    Thanks :) but i chose to not talk to him anymore. Im doing other things so i can forget about him. If i need someone to talk to, i know i can count on you :D
    • Julie Helpful Friend

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      Mar 26 2013, 13:16
      Good for you. Then if it was meant to be he may show up. However, you could also meet someone else. I say if you meet someone else that you really like then maybe the first love you had wasn't meant to be. It's up to you to decide how long to hang on, but I would not pass up a new opportunity if it means you having feelings for someone who does want to be with you.
  • Razor Newbie

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    Mar 29 2012, 04:52
    This is just not a easy let go you have to be fully prepared that he might realised he left you behind,so in that case expect him coming back to you and you might have moved on by that time and you might hurt the one you with so please make sure you take a correct descision that wont affect you furture
  • Tamster Insightful User

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    May 30 2012, 12:12
    Are you sure that you can let him go? It sounds like he is truly important to you and if you really love him and don't tell him, can you move on to love another. Maybe you need to hear it from him, good or bad you will know where you really stand. Then you could move in the direction that your heart is ready to go.
    Good luck to you, I've been there before too.
  • MadiRose1528 Contributor

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    May 20 2013, 13:46
    I know how you are feeling. A guy I'm in love with is currently living with his GF and they are expecting. It's SO hard to let go, but I feel like if you went out and met new will be more distracted and will most likely find someone else who will understand you even better than he does. Someone you will get closer to, maybe even do more than just kiss. You can hold on until you find someone new, but when you do find someone...allow yourself to get close. The quicker you go out and meet new people, the better you will feel. It takes time though. So be patient. Good Luck.

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