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Full use of the PTSD support group is FREE!


Jul 16 2010, 23:47

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    Full use of the PTSD support group is FREE

    Therapists monitor the forum daily and will assist troops and service members with their queries.

    All other support groups require a monthly membership to receive feedback from licensed therapists
  • Runamuck Contributor

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    Jul 29 2010, 19:12
    It's very nice of you guys to offer this to the troops! A good friend of mine is currently serving in Afghanistan, I'm going to send him a link the next time I write to him.
  • Marty Contributor

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    Aug 16 2010, 13:11
    What is ptsd?
    • rose Contributor

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      Sep 14 2010, 20:19
      PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder is a reaction to the exposure of life threatening trauma,whilst some stress is regarded normal in such an event if the symptoms persist for more than 6 months and the person's functioning is severly affected it is classified as a disorder. Symptoms include heightened viglence, avoidant behaviors, anger, irritability, recurring nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia and depression
  • Dee Newbie

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    May 19 2013, 11:02
    I am very grateful for this site. I have PTSD and am NOT a vet. My husband also has PTSD is a 100% service-connected disabled combat vet.

    I salute and thank all vets who have freely served our country.

    I just thought it to be post-worthy to say not all PTSD Dxs are vets. I have posted recently outside this "group".
    • Knothole Newbie

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      Aug 29 2015, 23:16
      I too suffer from PTSD and am not a vet. I am hoping to find some help here. I can't find doctors that are affordable, I don't have insurance. I am getting ready to get disability however, my brother has disability for back injuries and his medical expenses are outrageous. I did another online therapy site and wasted $100 and it was just another 30 days of not knowing what to do.
  • Topaz Newbie

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    Apr 27 2014, 13:56
    Is there any help for those of us with PTSD that stems from traumas not related to the service? It's been impossible for me to get help it seems because I'm not a veteran.
  • FemJay Newbie

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    Jun 19 2015, 18:08
    It's not only troops who suffer from PTSD. I hope you guys counsel others who suffer from PTSD due to trauma.

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