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Mar 11 2011, 22:55
  • hstpierre Newbie

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    Ok, here's what is happening.
    I've recently moved to a new state over the summer. By the end of the summer, I had a group of new friends who I was really close to, and until about the middle of February, I had no problems. The thing is, they are obsessed with gaming and play games constantly. No, they are not nerds or anything like it, I just grew tired of sitting and playing videogames. So, I tried to make new friends with a different group, and thought that was going well for a few weeks, until I made the step of actually asking them to hang out. I get the vibe that they think i'm not "cool" or "interesting" enough to join their group, and they rarely reply my texts so I have just stopped trying. By attempting this, I think my old group of friends got annoyed with me and now make it really difficult for me to interact with them. For example, I picked up someone's phone that had the texting conversation from last night still up, and I saw my name. I wish i hadn't read it but oh well, it said something along the lines of "I can't stand him", and the other person said, "Me neither". These used to be me close friends but now I feel friendless and alone. And hurt. Maybe theres something wrong with my personality, maybe i'm not funny or interesting enough. But this situation is terrible. I don't know what to do, ignore it and try to get on their good side again, or try harder to enter the new group of friends.
  • aweshome Contributor

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    Jan 28 2012, 20:38
    How old are you? I have had so many issues with friends in High school like my friend joined the dance team and became cheer leaders so they started acting like I wasn't cool enough for them, let me tell you you don't need friends like that try to back off and see if they'll try to hangout with you other wise just try to maybe make different friends.
  • pooka32 Contributor

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    Aug 21 2016, 13:36
    I have suspected for a while my personality is what made people keep away , usually I want the solitude but tragedy has left me a not so me version of myself . Having to do something about the fading me and the inability to let go yet I reach out to my mother using someone's people , family friends their everyone and they all helped and were accepting in till the want to be done with the loss or who knows has left me loan again total cold shoulder . I mean I'm stressed but am I not tolerable ? I have decided I'm gonna be me again soon enough and would not know whAt to do with these people and then be the bad guy . Is it better to put myself out there and welcome hindered shoal that pass or should I change in to what people like , as if I'd know what they like
  • pooka32 Contributor

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    Aug 21 2016, 13:39
    My b e I'll go find me a pooka like Edward P.D and not need accepting peoples to boo me . And no I'm not talking to rabbit at lamp post just yet lol

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