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Pregnant and depressed


May 14 2012, 11:35
  • Amanda87 Newbie

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    I suffer from depression and have done for years and am on medication. I am now 3months pregnant and over the moon but ever since I found out I feel so low, tired, upset and depressed. I've been off work for a few weeks now and my doctor won't put my medication up as I am taking bad panick attacks at the thought of going back to work. I just want to sit in a room and state at the walls all day. I don't know what to do!!
  • May 16 2012, 21:17
    then just sit there and stare at a wall for a while. :) and when you remember what you need to do, stop looking at the wall and go do it. everyone needs a thinking time out every now and then. :)
  • floweringme Newbie

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    May 28 2012, 10:51
    ITS GOING TO get better
  • Sep 23 2012, 20:40
    I too had depression through both my pregnancies. It wasn't until the second one that the doctors finally realized that part of it was hypothyroidism. It didn't cure my depression but the meds helped a lot of the symptoms. If you can - get it checked out. I wish you the best. Stay strong and you'll make it through this period.
  • ChamberFamFL Newbie

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    Nov 3 2012, 13:46
    Dear Sweet Amanda,
    I've been there. When it feels like you are frozen, its easier "said than done" is your defense to those with the easy solution to get up and "just do it". Only those, who have been in the place you are, understand fully what you are feeling. We know that its not that easy. Because I have been there, to the deepest and darkest place depression can take you, I am going to offer you some things that help me even to this day, when I get dark thoughts and start to drag. First, find a charity. ANY charity, I happen to love the homeless shelters, because I was homeless at one point in my journey and it reminds me of how far I have come, not to mention, gives me the opportunity to give back. I am telling you the truth, depression is a horrible place where we allow ourselves (yes me!) to become the center of our own world. It's purposely devised against people who are the biggest givers, have the more giving and compassionate hearts. Because the world seems so selfish, vain and people with supine (servanthood) temperament, tend to get lost in it. We are not "into" what others are, we tend to get "used", walked on and criticized. First KNOW THIS- you were designed this way for a reason. You best quality is your worst enemy. Here is the take on this love- learn to manage it. Stepping back into the outside world, in a simple charity position- even now that those boxes for the children in other countries (operation christmas box? I think), angel trees, salvation army- so much is starting up to help those in need, take a small baby step and go volunteer! Just be faithful in that one step, practice it, be patient with yourself- you may have some off days, but don't give up!!! Keep giving of yourself and you will find healing, deliverance and joy in your service to others! People who are prone to depression, live their life to serve others. The most recent "psycho" therapy, is that we need to serve ourselves first. Not so for this type of personality!!! They LIVE to give to others, most often die doing it. However, they never live to regret a single moment of their life dedicated to others! Its their JOY!

    TO prove my theory- (personal statement!)- google temperament tests (free)- and see if you fit under "supine"- You are created without flaw AMANDA for the glory of God, he even uses your weakness for the greater good!!

    With much love-praying this will spark that fire back up inside you!

  • stevensy Newbie

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    Aug 21 2013, 03:04
    oh so sorry to hear that but I am sure you'll get better in time. what I can say and give you advice is that don't isolate yourself in your room alone. Go out and have fun like shopping, going to the beach and take a vacation but don't go around bars drinking..


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