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I feel lost-


May 10 2012, 12:18
  • Moose Newbie

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    I feel like I'm under a lot of stress all the time. I'm a mom. My son is 3 1/2 years old. I'm 20. I feel like I have no one to turn to at times because if I do they make it seem like all I do is complain about my life. I feel depressed and tired all the time. I just want to be able to go out and not feel so down or tired. I cry at time because I don't know what to do anymore. I don't even want to talk to my friends or family member about my problems anymore because all they do is make it worse. By telling me to stop or that I'm just predictable with what I say or do..I don't wish to be like that. At times I wish I could just get up and go but I can't because I have no money and I live with my father. He tends to makes me stress out even more because he, at times, will not allow me to raise my son with certain rules. I know he's only a child, and I'm not an expert on being a mother. He's my first and only child. But my dad still makes me feel like I'm a bad parent at times. I am not with my sons dad. He is involved. I am in a relationship with someone at the moment. But I don't feel like I can turn to him either. He doesn't know how to help and at times just makes it worse so I just prefer not to say anything...but when I do that..I just tend to break down bad once I can no longer take it. I wish for it to end...I need help. I want to not feel this way. Please...I don't know what to do or who to turn to anymore. I use to have suicidal thoughts when I was pregnant with my son..and I do not wish to go back to thinking that way. I do not currently wish to die...but scared that I may begin to think like that again. I don't want to go to that breaking point. It terrifies me :c
  • May 16 2012, 21:06
    find the simplest way to relieve stress that is the least expensive if not free and do it.
  • Alessandra Helpful Friend

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    May 18 2012, 10:33
    I am sorry do way you feel,because I feel the same way sometimes.What I do id try to think positivelly and tomorrow is a new day and things will get better.
    Try to make new friends,go to a church for exemple.:)
    Take care Alessandra.
    • Moose Newbie

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      Jun 20 2012, 14:49
      Thanks. I actually try doing that a lot. Always say, Tomorrow will be better!, and sometimes it is. As to the church thing. I don't really know many church places here. A few yes, but they're mostly in spanish. I understand it at times...but not all :/
  • meme Newbie

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    Jun 11 2012, 15:06
    sweet one, you are so young still and have everything ahead of you. gather your strength as a woman, as a mother, as a human being. stand up to your dad and tell him how and why you want to raise your son the way you choose. do it all with love. you are beautiful and strong. reach out to other young single moms who understand exactly what you are going through. keep talking. this too shall pass. the world is your oyster.
    • Moose Newbie

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      Jun 20 2012, 14:47
      Thank you, this actually brought a smile to my face when I read it.
  • Chippy Newbie

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    Jun 22 2012, 06:25
    I wish I could give you a hug. The love that you have for your son will guide you to see what is right and wrong. There is no right way to raise children. Just because your dad has raised you, that doesnt mean he is an expert. No one is.

    I am not sure what your background is, can you perhaps study more? Or start teaching something? Doing something for others sometimes helps a lot and life starts to have meaning somehow.
    • Moose Newbie

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      May 16 2018, 23:13
      I want to reply saying thank you for the kind words. I just found this account again and I can honestly say I’m doing a lot better. I’ve moved out of my fathers house and our relationship has gotten better

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    Jun 22 2012, 21:25
    My sister is a single parent of 2 - She's now 26 but had her first baby when she was 20. There's no doubt in my mind that because you had your son so young that your parents aren't really there to allow you to parent, but still view you as a child raising, or "playing house" with your own child.

    For me, this isn't okay, but since you live with your father, I can only imagine how hard it is to stick up for yourself. Being on your own is hard, but independence can bring about a lot of confidence and also you are choosing how to raise your child. Reading what you wrote seems you don't feel like you have any control in your life.

    Take control of your life. To do this, it won't be easy, but it will always be easier than what you are doing now. I would look to move out on your own, create your own house rules. Then when your family shares there opinion, it's only an opinion and not something you have to live your life by or feel guilty about when you don't follow.

    Also, you really need to NOT bottle things up. Let people think you are predictable. Perhaps you're predictable but that's because your life isn't changing and so the same issues are there. I've been there and ended up have stress seizures when I would convey my frustrations and kept them inside.

    All in all, believe in yourself, you are the ONLY MOTHER your baby has and that child needs you regardless of what others think. Also, you are responsible for that child, and this shouldn't be scary but exciting.

    Stay positive but also choose positive things in your life and you can't go wrong :)

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