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My boyfriend cheated on me

Family & Relationships

Jun 6 2019, 03:21
  • NatashaG Newbie

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    I'm Natasha. My story with this guy is long, but for now just know that we started when I was moving, and almost a year later (5 days before I was visiting him and my friends), I find out hes been cheating on me for 6 months with an ex best friend. His friends have called me, he has called me from his cell and work. The messed up thing is that I know he does love me and I know he means every word he says, but I have more respect for myself than to give him another chance. We are both 20 so I guess I shouldve seen it coming. But I miss him so so badly. I wanna tell him it's okay and we can start again as friends but I know I cant. We're both miserable, I know he is. But I'm the one who was lied to.

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