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Lying-what I deserve

Family & Relationships

Feb 25 2019, 01:39
  • Alyssa Newbie

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    I'm new to love and dating, relationships, trust. I have has crushes in the past, but they never amounted to anything... Until recently. He was so sweet. Kind, sensitive, funny. I really care about him, and he supposedly cares for me too, but he was... terminated from OUR job recently, and lied to me about the circumstances around that. Generally, I have been ecstatic about having a boyfriend, going out with him, chatting late into the evening... I am a little too enthusiastic about it, I think. I always text him. Hey, what you doing? Hey, wanna talk? And yesterday, I was going to really rip into him about lying to me, not communicating. except he didn't respond. And still, hours later, nothing. Next morning? No. Then in the middle of the afternoon, he texts back and says he lost his phone. Hmm. Then we talk, and I apologize for being sharp, I'm frustrated, then he finally says, no, it's my fault, I don't text you that often. Well now I'm conflicted, he lied to me. But he's apologetic about not communicating. Should j still rip into him? Or should I let it go? I just feel so dependent on him-desperate, like I'm living by my phone! I'm getting really upset, especially because I'm sensitive.

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