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Optimist with Growing Pessimism

Family & Relationships

Jan 16 2019, 13:07
  • Kate Newbie

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    I am an optimist. Anyone else who is an optimist knows that it doesn't mean just looking on the bright side of things because some situations simply don't have a bright side. Sometimes you have to be the light at the end of your own tunnel. Two of the people closest to me are very negative and almost always have a pessimistic view of situations. It seems to be getting worse, and the more often it happens, I find it harder and harder to maintain my positive attitude when all I hear is how things are awful and always will be; nothing will ever work out for them; nothing is ever good enough. More and more often, I find myself having the same thoughts. "Why should I bother trying to help? They will just get mad at me for it like always; Here we go again, of course there's a problem; Why do I keep trying when I know they will just have another meltdown in a few weeks?" I get disappointed in myself for succumbing to these thoughts. It makes me feel like I'm clinging to negativity just as much as they are. Any advice on how to combat so much negativity?

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