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Jan 1 2019, 13:36
  • StephSo Newbie

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    So background, I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was younger which my family decided was why I had an aversion to touching. But recently, this aversion has shifted into what I can only describe as starvation. So, I'm gay, and I say this because animals, inanimate objects, and women all don't affect me the same way as when it's a guy touching me. Not to say it's entirely sexual, I am pretty asexual in practice, but just holding hands is able to affect me in really uncomfortable ways and after I leave the guy, we part ways, I almost shutdown emotionally because I don't know how to deal with those feelings. Like I've had moments when a guy hugs me and I just want to cry, I don't understand. And usually this isn't a problem, I can focus on a million other things in my life but when I'm in that position of contact it is like no drug I have ever taken and immediately afterward it is just painful discomfort at how lonely I think I forget that I am. Am I crazy, or like, overthinking like, what the hell?

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