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Aug 17 2018, 07:16
  • Regina Newbie

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    Hello I need relationship advice. I have a boyfriend but I have grown late feelings for someone who was always been there for me, this boy told me he loved me but I couldn't reciprocate the feelings because I had feelings for my boyfriend now. But now I can't stop thinking about him, every time my boyfriend and I would fight, I always end up thinking about him. He's like my safe haven. Maybe it's the fact that my present boyfriend cheated on me and the other boy has always been there for me and treated me so right. Could I have chosen the wrong person to be with?
  • Matthew Newbie

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    Sep 15 2018, 03:18
    “Nice guys finish last” don’t wait until it’s too late if he is your backbone and offers you someone to talk to about your relationship even though he has feelings for you then that means he truly cares

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