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Need guidance after divorce

Family & Relationships

Aug 4 2018, 12:14
  • Just divorced from a relationship where I was made to feel empty for years she cheated on me twice and also had full control of money telling me what I could and could not spend. I was blamed for everything in her life that went wrong and also if I got sick or needed surgery it was all my fault. We were married when I was 26 she was the first ever person I dated or fell in love with. After our divorce I met a person online that do to my seeking of love allowed them to con me out of thousands in debt. I’m just seeking guidance and advice how to solve this lonely sad feeling of always wanting to be lived
  • carolina's Contributor

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    Sep 15 2018, 00:26
    Loneliness is a hard thing to beat. I am there. Dumped just when I needed him most & after well over 3 decades. I'm sorry to hear your plight. I am trying to find my way out of loneliness without a relationship. Friends, okay but no more!! I feel that isn't fair to the other person to fix me first of all. I'm broken on several levels I feel. I'm hoping talking it out will help me find me!! That is just me. I'm trying to feel okay being alone after such a long time. But boy I can sure relate. I listen to different music I playlist tailor make on a youtube account I created just for me. And I let God tell me who I am through His word. That there has become my greatest help. But I am also here hoping talking it all out helps me gain new perspectives to live by. Best of new life to you!

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