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Am I wrong??

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Jun 16 2018, 15:19
  • ANGELZ Newbie

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    Ok, the short version is that my mom is a business woman. To a fault! The house we grew up in was eventually rented out, me and my sister ended up living at one of her businesses from a young age. Now, we are adults and renting apartments. When we heard the top floor of our childhood home was finally vacant, we asked to move there, so that we would have our home back, no more renting. Our mom said we could move in, IF we either pay her the rent the previous tenant paid, or keep the place as a restaurant, the way the previous tenant had it. We grew up in business til we're so fed up with it! We just want a place to call home! Relax! Be Happy! Yet, those are the options she gave us. And now she says we're ungrateful for paying other people rent, so that they can make progress, But we want to get things free from her and not help HER out... Did I mention we worked for her for over 10 years, with each year being told that we are useless to the business, that we are the cause if a business fails. Yet we stuck by her side, defended her whenever anyone had anything bad to say about her. Are we wrong here?? Are we really being ungrateful for not wanting to pay rent on our childhood home? For not wanting to practically have to BUY it back from our own mother? I know this doesn't seem like something that a therapist should have to deal with, but my entire life is a battle just to get a single word of praise or acceptance from her. Our arguments bhave left me suicidal at times. But this matter with our home, it hurts both myself and my sister. I just want to know if it's wrong to think that we should not have to rent our own home from our own mother.

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